What is accessible to whom?

The study of the entire archive is still in progress; the images and information contained in the database will be periodically updated and improved.

A total of about 3000 archaeological and Egyptological photographs are available to all, without registration. They are geographically divided as follows:

-        Alexandria

-        Heliopolis

-        Cairo

-        Giza

-        Saqqara

-        Ashmunein

-        Asyut and Deir el-Gebrawi

-        Qau el-Kabir and Hammamiya

-        Abydos

-        Dendera

-        Theban Area

-        Gebelein

-        Edfu

-        Kom Ombo

-        Aswan

-        Nubia

-        Miscellanea

The amount of images present in the various locations differs according to the specific interest in the archaeological site, and the preservation of the photographic plates over time.